Importance of Parent’s Education in Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Process.

19.10.2016 12:36:00



If parents have child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),  behavior of the parent is considered part of the treatment process. One of the most important thing is the diognosed should be accepted  by parents. After parents acceptance, the diognose should explain to other relatives, teachers and neighbours. These people should change their approach to the children. Then children should be explained about his diognose. Another point that should be considered, parents should not blame themselves about ADHD. Parents need to know ADHD is not related with being a wrong parent. Parents should be knowledgeable about laws and regulations on behalf of the defense of their children with ADHD.


Parents who have child with ADHD should be educated about how to deal with behavioral problems, what is problem solving skills and how to manage their communication with their child. When parents feel they are inadequate in this topic, they should get help from adult psychiatrist. ADHD treatment is a process of long-term with ups and downs. Time to time negative behaviors may arise. In that case, the most important things are keep your hope alive, never give up to show your love to your child.


There is a link between the high level of depression, anxiety, burn-out and parent's time management for themselves. Parents should have private time because if parents do not feel well, they never help their children. In addition, child with ADHD could be cause debates between mother and father. Therefore, parents should share some private times together for fixing their problems or refrehing their love and they always support each other. If one person get all responsibilities about children, quality of his/her life could be decreased.  Accordingly, parents should share children’s responsibility.


Parents of children diagnosed with ADHD should change their behaviour according to their children. For example; if you have a child with ADHD, try to go from easy to difficult in all applications. You should not expect your children work fast, let them work slowly but understandingly. There is no positive point make your children hasty. You should not give up when your children are resistance.


It may seem hard to be a parent of a child diagnosed with ADHD. If parents know how to solve problems, you can help to make the process more comfortable. First of all, make your children feel that you accept your child unconditionally and establish positive relationships with your children.  You should highlight the positive aspects of your children, this could be helpful for strengthen your relationship. Negative feedback, such as punishment or yelling at child, may lead to show an increase of undesirable behavior child with ADHD.


Time to time parents should try not to respond negatively for children's coarse speech or vocalization actions. Contrarily, try to ignore your child's behvaiour and you will see that kind of behaviours will dissepear when you stop warn your child. Parents only task is try to keep calm in this process. Additionally, even if you child do little positive behavior, that behavior should be praised by parents because children need to praise every single time.


Lastly, parents should be decisive of their structure and regulations. Parents should not to forget the importance of clear rules, limits and giving effective commands. In addition, the rules and limits should be reasonable and practicable for using easily. Above all, more importantly, every child is a different person than their parents and each child has different developmental process. Therefore, unconditional love must be felt by the children, this is the most important rule for parents.




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