Anger Management


Anger Management:

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion.  Children sometimes may feel angry, but understanding the difference between anger and aggressive behavior helps children cope with anger. If children do not know how to deal with this emotion, frustration, anger attacks, and aggressive behavior may occur. Verbalizing of emotions helps children to control their behaviors. Sometimes, aggressive behavior stems from a variety of uncomfortable feelings, like sadness or embarrassment. Recognizing emotions may prevent these behaviors. Children learn by imitating their parents. So how parents express their emotions is determined the way of their children. How the parents express their emotions so do children. Teaching children what behaviors are acceptable will ensure that children focus on these behaviors. It is normal for children to be unable to control their anger in some cases. But, with your guidance, children’s skills may improve.

If the children are not able to provide their anger control, professional help is needed and behavior management plan should be created.



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