Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Narcissistic Personality Disorder

People with narcissistic disorder believe themselves superior and special. They usually try to associate with other people whom believed are unique or talented. The reason of this association is to increase their self-esteem. People with narcissistic personality disorder want to be admired and take the other people’s attention. Also, they have difficulty tolerating criticism or defeat. According to them, being criticized or rejected is an injury and when they experience an injury, they have a tendency to feel humiliated.

Approximately 75% of people who have a narcissistic personality disorder are male. Additionally, many adolescents display narcissistic personality traits but this does not indicate that they will develop narcissistic personality disorder.

Treatment for narcissistic personality disorder can be challenging because people with this condition do not accept their weaknesses. Individual and group psychotherapy can help people with narcissistic personality disorder to be healthier. Scheme therapy has been suggested as effective way of treating narcissistic personality disorder.


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