Selective Mutism


Selective Mutism

Selective mutism is a rare childhood anxiety disorder include children who can speak various situations but cannot speak in certain situations or in certain people.

Selective mutism is usually seen in children between 3-6 ages. Children who develop selective mutism have a tendency to have social anxiety and social phobia. Also, they may experience separation anxiety. Children with selective mutism may show physical signs such as awkward body language and lack of facial expressions. They can speak normally in certain situations but not in other social settings, where there is the expectation or pressure to communicate. Although some children with selective mutism can communicate nonverbally such as nodding their head or moving their hans, others may appear frozen. To indicate selective mutism, the symptoms must continue for at least a month.

Behavioral therapy or family therapy is the best treatment for selective mutism. Treatment includes improving to control their anxiety. Treatment may also include antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication in addition to psychotherapy.


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