The personality word defines the forms of movement that are rooted and the ways in which individuals perceive themselves and their worlds. Personality traits are prominent traits, and some personality traits are not necessarily pathological, although they may cause them.

 Personality disorders are to permanently make a drink and behavior pattern distinctly in the prediction of an individual's culture.

You justify why you are dealing with functions or internal troubles, be flexible and incompatible, and make enough aggravation.

Paranoid personality disorder is the tendency to interpret intentionally threatening or humiliating in others' actions. In early age, the disorder in which the age of the adult appears is manifested by a sense of insecurity and unjust suspicion more than its time leading to misinterpreting the intentions of others. People with paranoid personality disorders can not accept negative feelings towards others, but they do not lose touch with reality. They can not hide even if they are proved to be reliable for people who are not abused or fearful of betrayal. They often mistakenly mistake, harmless comments and behaviors from others and create anger and shelter for an irrational period. The most important symptoms of paranoid disorder are anger, anxiety, social isolation, hostility. Drug use and psychotherapy are recommended as treatment methods.
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