Obesity in children


Obesity in children:


For various reason children become overweight and fat. The real reasons is lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet patterns or a combination of these factors. Obesity will be separated for genetics. Even though family have weight problems,children may not be overweighted But sometimes parents and siblings are overweight and overweight children are at increased risk, but may be linked to shared family behavior, such as behavior and activity habits.

A lot of people have these illness cholestrol increases, heart diseases and diabetes, they can be high risk bases in obesity.

 Obesity can result in serious health problems in childhood and later periods. Change in lifestyle and nutrition patterns has been left to the child to click on the rates of obesity.

However, if we give information about proper nutrition to the families, it can be ensured that children lose weight healthily.

Obese children also tend to be obese at adulthood level. Obesity is a serious health problem and it is recommended that children who are not forgotten and who have this risk apply to dietetician.





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