Fear is a form of combination experienced by many people, but this fear can isolate you from your normal ongoing social life. Agoraphobia is also called open field phobia or fear of space. I will convey the fears I experienced in the individual from the outside and I am phobia and isolating it from my own world. Per capita per capita does not feel safe and panic, so it wants to get away from the environments where it does not feel safe. Crowded environments are absent from these individuals. Wide and open environments. It is the environment where panic can create.

Agoraphobia is a type of discomfort that is not very common. But do not hesitate to treat it. Agoraphobia patients tend to escape if they are not pleased to find such areas as cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, elevators, and airplanes. The reason for this panic disorder is that you will find them. These are mainly genetic, biological and psychosocial factors. The purification of the smallest traum of a child in the past can cause agoraphobia in the future.

The symptoms of this panic disorder are as follows; sudden sweating, shortness of breath, sudden chills and hot flashes, nausea or diarrhea, and dizziness are the main symptoms of this panic disorder. In the treatment of agoraphobia, psychological support and drug treatment are being conducted against the disease. Positive result is obtained.


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