Effects of Divorce on Children

  Effects of Divorce on Children

The divorce itself does not affect children negatively.

 The effects are more likely to increase from the events that have occurred after the divorce, and from the level of conflict between parents. Moving to a different home and sometimes to a different school, thinking not being with both parents at the same time any more also affect the child after the divorce.

It takes 2 years or more for children to adjust to new situation. Also, the age of the children plays a significant role in how children react to the divorce. Children under the age of nine have a tendency to blame themselves for the divorce. Children in this age group need a lot of attention, care and love. For this reason, children may become even more dependent of their parents and also they may not want to simple tasks that were able to before. 
After divorce, the attitude of the family can affect child both positively or negatively. Visits should be at regular interval and predictable times. In this way, the child can see that his parents spend time and effort for him/her. Finally, divorced parents should not try to find out via their children to know about the new partner of their ex. 


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