Nail biting is considered as a "bad habit". However it is an  impulse control disorder called "Onychophagia". It can be seen in individuals of all ages and also 33% of children ages between 7 to 10 have Onychophagia. This disorder can be triggered by stress, boredom or nervousness. Onychophagia has been associated with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It can also be a sign of emotional or psychological disorders. Onychophagia can lead to infections, pain in the fingers and torn skin around the fingernails.

Many children take up biting their nails “just because” and, it develops into a habit. It is often seen as an automatic reaction to stress. Most people do not notice that they bite nails in their daily routines. It is not necessary for nail biting to be stress-induced, but it may be due to lack of confidence or lack of confidence.

Onychophagia treatment includes various therapies and medications. Common therapy options are often focused on determining the exact situations in which person finds him/herself biting his/her nails the most and developing strategies to restrain him/herself from biting his/her nails is these situations. The consent and cooperation of a person is very important in the treatment of onychophagia, without cooperation, treatment is almost impossible.




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