The Beginning of University

 The registration period of universities begin. Some of the young people will registrate to their first choice of university, whereas the others will be registered to a university that they are not so enthusiastic. Some of them will continue to live with their parents, and others will be separated from their parents and their cities.


Students, who will start to the university in the same city, will keep the comfort of their home. However, others, who will continue their education lives outside their hometown, will encounter different circumstances. Even if some young people want to get away from their home and families, they will learn that it will take time to adapt new circumstances.


It takes about 3 months for the individual to adapt the change of environment and conditions. This time may get longer sometimes. It depends to the individualization of the person.


The individualization of the child is not very supported in our society. Many parents raise their child with their own perception of life and expectations that came from their own families. They don’t realize that they are postponing the responsibilities the child should take, convenient with his/her age. They try to fulfill their child’s needs constantly. And, some parents are so indifferent that they don’t realize until university that their child is a young person.


Being a university student means expansion of boundaries of freedom. Healthy freedom depends on healthy development.


From this point, it means that the child, who got used to be awakened, will have to get up by himself/herself and catch up to the class. If he/she stays in the dormitory, he/she will be have to share the room and bathroom with others, do the laundry and many more things by himself/herself. If he/she stays at home with others, he/she will have to share the responsibilities of the house with them. Also, they will have to undertake their own money control.


They will meet new people from different cities and different cultures; and they will begin to acknowledge new understandings about different aspects of life. Some young people may become lonely and some of them may widen his/her environment in this process.


Young people, who will start to school away from their families and their hometown, will experience a challenging start.


Families should review whether their child is ready for university or not. You should always support your child in anytime and anywhere. It is important for the child to know that. But, if the child suffers from these problems severely; then, it will be helpful to consult a child and adolescent psychiatrist about this. Adaptation problems, depression, difficulty in making friends, school absenteeism, alcohol and drugs are one of the major problems for young people who start to university.   


(Published in Sabah and Yeni Asır newspapers on 20.08.2014)

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