Intelligence Tests and IQ Development

Each parent is curious about how adequate their children’s development and attention level. The tests to resolve this curiosity and to discover if the child’s development is normal should be determined by an expert.  


Intelligence tests are ideal methods to determine whether or not the child has any developmental delay. Thus, mental development of the child can be supported in a better way. Also, intelligence tests can be used to determine on which fields the child is behind and which one of them he/she is more capable of. If the child has problems about academic success, adaptation to social environment and many more, intelligence tests are one of the best ways of finding the sources of them.  Besides children with learning disorder, gifted children can also be determined. This way, the child gets the support for his/her education.


Intelligence tests performed on the internet or some other place are not reliable. Objective and reliable tests are performed in child and adolescent psychiatry clinics, therapy centers and hospitals by specialists.


There are many intelligence tests for different age groups. The intelligence test that will be performed should be chosen according to the age and development level of the child.


Developmental tests reveal whether the child’s fine motor, gross motor, language, personal and social development are appropriate for his age. IQ tests, on the other hand, measures the child’s IQ level for his own age.


The most reliable test for over 5-6 years old is a test which was proved as validity and reliability way. The test should be applied with all the items and the child should be given sufficient time. It is important to trying to know the child and make him feel safe before starting the test. The observations made during the test should be noted to the report.


Birth details of the child are calculated. There is a different IQ test for over 16 years old children. However, same test can be applied until 18 years old in some certain situations.


There are many families who want to have an IQ test. However, the specialist should decide whether it’s necessary or not. Every child don’t need to have an IQ test, some disorders can be diagnosed by a child and adolescent psychiatrist.


If the child or adolescent notices that he is having an IQ test because of the curiosity and big expectation of their family, it may cause some trouble. So, the child and families should be evaluated perfectly by an expert.


The evaluation and result of the IQ test is prepared as a report. The child’s IQ level is detected and explained. Subtests and sub scores are explained in a detailed way. Total IQ point may not be always enough to determined some disorders.


The result of IQ level and informations about this is not given to the child or adolescent. General information is given to the family and directed to some institutions if necessary.




                                                                                                                                                         Özlem Özcan, MD.

                                                                                                                                              Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist




(Published in Hürriyet newspaper on 14.03.2014 and Milliyet newspaper on 15.03.2014).

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