Children who have healthy self-esteem feel valued, confident which they can do what’s expected, feel proud of that they do a job well done and think good things about themselves. However, children with low self-esteem feel insecure or think that not as good as others, focus on fail rather than success.

Self-esteem can develop over time and can be raised if it is low.

Children should be helped to learn new things to improve their self-esteem. There are new things fort hem to learn at every age and learning provides good opportunities for self-esteem. It should be shown first and helped them how to do things.

Children should be praised in good things they do, but it should do right. Praise is a way to show that you are proud of them. Over-praising and fixed qualities praising should be avoided.

It should be a good role model. When parents put effort their daily tasks,  they set a good example. It helps children to put effort into their own tasks.

Hard criticism should not be done. The messages kids hear about themselves from others easily translate into how they feel about themselves. Hard words are harmful to children as oppesed to motivating them.

It should be focused on strenghts of children. Pay attention to what your children do well and enjoy. Make sure that give the opportunity to develop strengths. It should be focused on children’s strenghts to feel good and help them succeed.




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