Autism and Autism Etiology



Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder which occurs with impairment in social interaction before age 3. Almost 50% of children with autism have mental deficits. This may prevent the chance of early diagnosis. The prevelance of pure autism is 1 in 800-1000. However, prevelance of children with autistic symptoms is 1 in 150.


The incidence of autism is higher in boys than girls. According to a hypothesis, autistic girls are more likely to have mental retardation.


Autism can be seen in any country and socioeconomic class.




The reason of autism is searched on psychosocial, biological, genetic and many other ways for years. Genetic studies showed familial tendency. Also, patients with fragile X syndrome and tuberosclerosis are more likely to have autism diagnosis. Morover, many researches showed that prenatal and postnatal complications increase the incidence of autism.


MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) studies found that there are hypoactivity on amygdala and abnormalities on temporal lobe. Also, there are some abnormalities seen on frontal lobe. Frontal, prefrontal and temporal regions of the brain code the social communication skills.

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