Living conditions, stress, and the rush of daily life accompanies us everyday in different ways. Unable to rest enough can affect our lives in negative way. We wish to wake up as rested to start the day with full energy. However, we don’t question how healthy was our sleep at night.


Duration of sleep reduces with age. Living conditions have important effects in the formation of sleep disorders. Unable to sleep at nights, difficulty in falling asleep, having nightmares, waking up as tired in the mornings, and being aggressive and anxious during the day are some sleep problems that can be seen in every age.


Not only environmental factors but also psychodynamic and physiological factors trigger sleep problems. Dreams are accepted as the reflection of one’s unconscious and negative events happened during the day. When we dream the reflections of the problems and situations we had, we experience a psychological relief. A person who dreams a lot can have a sleep disorder. Many sleep disorders occur as a result of psychodinamic factors. When we wake up in the morning, we remember that we had a dream; however we can’t fully remember what we saw. In situations like this, our mental filters start to work. We don’t remember the dreams about the feelings and thoughts we suppress. Our mental filter destroys it for us. In addition, some situations such as being sick or not drinking enough water form the basis of our dreams.


Before treating sleep problems, the psychological dynamics and mental processes of the person must be evaluated. Sleep is like a dough and we shape it with our body and soul. If we want to have a healthy sleep, there are some spots we need to be careful. For example, inconsistent sleeping hours may cause sleep disorders. The meal we had in late night, the amount of coffee and tea we consumed, or watching tv and reading book while lying cause sleep disorders. If you have difficulty in falling asleep, you get up the bed, sit and wait for your sleep to come. If you have problems about sleeping, you need to get help as soon as possible.




(Published at in 19.12.2012)

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