Mother's Tummy

  • Many of us remember our mother’s tummy as a feeling. Its warmth, softness and peace... Maybe we can’t describe it but we can define it emotionally. The baby keeps growing in the womb until birth. Mother and the baby are always in touch with each other. Both the mother and the baby feels each other. When the mother feels the movements of the baby, she feels excited and when she couldn’t, she gets anxious.


    One of the most important questions in family interviews on child psychiatry is that how the pregnancy was. Mental state of the mother is as much important as the diseases she had and drugs she used during pregnancy. Many factors such as the mother’s relationship with her husband, the feeling about her own mother and family, her sleep patterns, whether or not she wants the baby, and stresses she experienced are very effective on child’s mental function. With the occurance of birth, baby leaves his/her safe place, mother’s womb. Outside doesn’t look like the place he/she had before. However, love of the mother and sense of being protected will support the baby’s life outside the mother’s womb. Another important question asked in family interviews is that how the baby’s first year was. Baby’s first year is very essential in his/her psychological development.  

    The initial phase of  biopsychosocial development steps is the time spent in the womb and the first year after birth. If the child has this two phases in a healthy and safe environment, he/she will be able to adopt the other phases of life more easily.  

    On the basis of many psychiatric disorders and mental problems, the period in mother’s womb plays a very important role. So, mother should be away from stress and anxiety as much as she can, and has her pregnancy in a peaceful and happy environment. This way, the baby will be in a more healthy and balanced state. Also, he/she will be able to deal with the problems of life in a better way.

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