• Approximately 4% of children have depressive disorders. This rate increases significantly  from childhood through adolescence. Depressive disorders are less common in childhood than in adolescence. However, childhood depression is usually permanent and severe. There is a risk of relapse. Also it can lead to dysfunction and residual social impairments. 

    Research has shown that pharmacological treatment by itself is not enough and that children and adolescents with depression need psychosocial intervention in the treatment of depression and internalizing problems. Nevertheless, research shows that family-focused treatment is more effective than child-centered supportive psychotherapy.
    Children are more dependent on their parents to provide support and feedback because of their developmental considerations in middle and late childhood period. At the same time children’s cognitive capacities, coping and key life skills are changing rapidly. This way family-focused psychotherapy supports the children to play an active role in the therapy process which helps children in middle and late childhood to benefit more from therapy.
    Martha C. Tompson, Catherine A. Sugar, David A. Langer, Joan R. Asarnow. (2017). A randomized clinical trial comparing family-focused treatment and individual supportive therapy for depression in childhood and early adolescence. Journal of the Amerıcan Academy of Chıld & Adolescent Psychıatry, 56 (5).
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