Evolutionary Theory of Emotion

  •  Evolutionary Theory of Emotion


    Charles Darwin was a naturalist. He proposed that emotions evolved because they were adaptive and allowed humans and animals to survive and reproduce. When people  feel the love and affection, they orient to seek mates and reproduce. However, when people feel the fear, they either fight or flee the source of danger.

    The evolutionary theory of emotion said that, we have our emotions because they serve an adaptive role. Emotions motivate people to respond quickly to stimuli in the environment, which helps improve the chances of success and survival. At the same time understanding the emotions of other people and animals also plays a crucial role in safety and survival. If you see a hissing, spitting, and clawing animal, chances are you will easily recognise that the animal is frightened or defensive and leave it alone. By being able to interpret correctly the emotional displays of other people and animals, you can respond correctly and avoid danger.
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