Psychology of Fear Part 2

  •  Psychology of Fear- Part 2

    When we repeat exposure a lot of time, it comes to us familiar. This system reduces both fear response and the resulting pleasure. İt  based on adrenaline junkies to seek out evet new and bigger thrills. At the same time it forms the basis of some phobia threatments which depend on slowly minimizing the fear response by making it feel familiar.
    Threating Phobias
    Systematic desensitization is the one of most popular technique fort he phobia threatments. In this technique work with the body’s physical and psychological responses to reduce the fear. In systematic desensitization, a series of exposure situation gradually led fort he client. For instance, in the first session ot the a client with a fear of snakes may spend talking about snakes. Slowly, over subsequent sessions, the client would be led though looking at pictures of snakes, playing with toy snakes and eventually handling a live snake. This is often accompained by learning and applying new coping techniques to manage the fear response. 
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