• Psychology of Fear- Part 1

    One of the powerful and primitive human emotion is fear. When we are in a critical and danger situation it alerts us. Because of fear our ancestors in keeping alive. Fear separeted  in two stages. These stages are biochemical and emotional. The biochemical response is universal, while the emotional response is highly individualized.
    Biochemical Reaction
    İf we confront a perceived a danger, our bodies alerts us in a meaningful way. Sweating,increased rate, high adrenaline levels are some of the physical reactions. It calls ‘’fight and flight’’ response,  in which the body prepares itself to either enter combat or run away.
    This biochemical reaction comes from  evolutionary development. It is an automatic response and is important to survival.
    Emotional Response
    On the other hand emotional response to fear is determinable  for individual. Some people like the adrenaline junkies and they prefer thriving on extreme sports and other fear-including thrill situation. Howerver other ones does not like these kind of things.  They generally prefer avoid from theme. 
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