Dissociative Disorder

  •  Dissociative Disorder and Dissociative Amnesia

    The underlying mechanism in the psychopathology of the diseases in this group is dissociation. Dissociation; is the deterioration of the integrity of functions that normally function as a whole, such as perceptions of identity, memory, perception, and the environment. Another characteristic is that behaviors function independently in isolation from the normal behavior of the individual.

    Dissociation often occurs as a defense mechanism against trauma. Dissociation in response to trauma has two functions: to escape from trauma, while at the same time delaying the mandatory functioning of trauma in the rest of life.

    There are three types of dissociative disorders:

    • Dissociative identity disorder
    • Dissociative amnesia
    • Depersonalization/derealization disorder


    Dissociative Amnesia

    Key symptom; important personal information that is usually traumatic or causing intense stress is not remembered in a way that can not be explained by ordinary forgetfulness or an organic situation. Outside this symptom, the patients appear completely healthy and function properly.

    It is the most common dissociative disorder. It is more common in women. It is usually accompanied by stressful and traumatic events.

    There are four subtypes:

    - Limited amnesia: The most common type. There is limited memory loss with short-term events such as a few hours to a few days.

    - Pervasive amnesia: There is memory loss associated with all life events.

    - Selective amnesia: It is only a matter of some events, or some people are not remembered.

    - Continuous amnesia: Immediate after events occur (anterograde amnesia). For this reason new memorials can not be created. There is a beginning. Everything is forgotten until it is found from the beginning.





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