What is Stress

  • What is Stress?

    Life would be very simple if all our needs were met spontaneously. In real life we ​​face many personal and environmental barriers. A disability can end a promising sports career; we may have less money than we need; the person we love can reject us. The facts of the life require us to adapt. The difficulties facing our physical and emotional well-being are often referred to as stress (Gunnar & Quevedo, 2007). Psychiatrists call their external needs as stressors, the effects they create in the organism and the efforts to come from named as stress and stress, as well as coping strategies, in order to prevent the concept complexity.

    All situations that require compliance can be seen as potentially stressful situations. Stress can occur not only on adverse conditions (such as examinations), but also on favorable conditions (such as weddings). Although sometimes both types of stress can force one's resources and ability to cope, malevolent stress usually causes more damage.

    Why is it so much less stressful to lose our keys than an unhappy marriage or unemployment? We can all intuitively understand why a stressor is more serious than the other, in a particular setting. (1) The severity of the stressor, (2) the chronicity (i.e., how long it lasts), (3) timing, (4) how closely our lives are affected, (5) how predictable and (6) among the factors.

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